Holiday real-estate

Renting a house for surfing holidays

Fans or lovers of sliding sports choose the Basque Country for your next holiday! The beaches of the Basque coast are the headquarters of surf enthusiasts, beginners or advanced you will undoubtedly find the beach and wave that suit you….

How to buy when you want to rent later?

If you want to invest in real estate rental, you are spoiled for choice. But before buying to rent, it is worth thinking about what you will do with your investment. You can check to have a better idea…

Look for the best property to buy for your holidays

The term “secondary residence” now covers more and more types of housing: from the family house inherited from generation to generation to the studio that accommodates three or four persons in a ski resort… These homes offer advantages and drawbacks….

Why does holiday rental enjoy all this success?

Holiday rentals offer many advantages and profitable aspects that we suggest you discover in this article. They also comes with its own difficulties. What is a holiday rental? The seasonal rental is the fact of putting one’s home for rent,…

How to finance your holiday real-estate investment?

Borrowing is always advantageous to finance a rental investment. You increase your real estate purchasing power, you lower your taxes. And you protect your family. Finance a rental investment Credit remains the best way to finance a rental investment. First…