Why should you secure yourself when you book a vacation rental?

There is a rental agreement established between the owner and the tenant, this is materialized by the payment of the deposit. We advise you, in addition to signing the rental contract, to take out an insurance. If you want to know more about holiday rentals, check www.for-sale.com/.  Here are the main reasons why you need to make sure you opt for a rental insurance when your rent a property:

In case of cancellation of the holiday rental

Indeed, you may have to cancel your vacation because of an unpredictable event, for example, serious illness or death of a family member, economic dismissal, etc. By choosing vacation rental insurance, you will be refunded the paid deposit.

In case of interruption of your stay.

As mentioned before, you may be required to interrupt your stay in the event of hospitalization or death of a family member. One of the tenants may also need to be repatriated for a medical emergency. Another example, an inconvenience (burglary, fire, water damage) has occurred at your home and it imperatively requires your presence. In all these cases, the insurer will refund the extra nights.

In case of fire, explosion or water damage in the holiday rental

With an insurance policy, you benefit from a civil liability guarantee.

When you break the equipment and the landlord demands a refund.

Breaking things at the house may happen, especially if you're traveling with kids. A window broken by a ball, dishes crumbling on the floor, there are many examples of clumsiness,. For small damages, you can settle this amicably with the owner. For the biggest inconveniences, there is the guarantee in civil responsibility.

When you refuse to occupy the rental, following the nonconformity of the rented property

We all know that, some dishonest owners do not hesitate to embellish the real estate ad posted on the internet to be certain to rent. You can refuse to occupy the rental and get a refund of the sums held by the owner in several significant cases. For example:
  • In case of significant and lasting defect between the description of the seasonal hiring and its reality, and which makes impossible the stay (ex: too great distance between the seasonal hiring and the beach, the tracks of ski ...)
  • In case of absence of an object or service attached to the rental, when entering the premises on the first day of rental (ex: not enough bed, no washing machine, etc.)
  • In case of a malfunction noted during the entry into the premises, the first day of the rental (ex: impassable pool)

In case of fraudulent transaction

We cannot emphasize this, but watch out for scams! Scammers advertise on the internet for rentals that do not exist, or for properties managed by other websites. Sometimes even the house or the apartment does not exist. If you have been dishonestly or fraudulently exercised by the lessor, the landlord or a person who claims to be the owner, you cannot take possession of the lease, or have you pay back the money paid, then the insurer assures you reimbursement of the amounts committed. A complaint will have to be filed to the police!

10 helpful tips before booking a vacation rental

It is recommended that you use serious sites with a secure payment platform: Airbnb, HomeAway, Homelidays, Gîtes de France, Holiday Key and PAP. Also, you should do the following steps:
  • Read customer reviews (but beware of fake reviews too).
  • Beware of advertisers who cancel often.
  • Beware of very good plans.
  • Compare with market prices.
  • Demand a rental agreement with a precise description.
  • Privilege a payment by check if possible.
  • Communicate upstream with the owner to get an idea of ​​his seriousness.
  • Make an inventory with the owner when arriving in the rental.
  • Feel free to take pictures of the rental.

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