Renting a house for surfing holidays

Fans or lovers of sliding sports choose the Basque Country for your next holiday! The beaches of the Basque coast are the headquarters of surf enthusiasts, beginners or advanced you will undoubtedly find the beach and wave that suit you. We tell you everything about Biarritz, its surf spots and especially where to rent a house to go surfing on foot. A beautiful sporting holiday on the horizon...

Holiday rental

For surfers, taking advantage of the holidays to indulge in this passion is a real pleasure, even more so when it is possible to do it on foot a few meters from your holiday rental. And in Biarritz it is possible! Indeed you can opt for a holiday rental in the centre of Biarritz, close to all amenities, but especially to surf spots. European capital of surfing, this sport is now a way of life and a real institution. Enjoy a surf holiday from start to finish by choosing a house or apartment a stone's throw from the snow spots. Check for more information about holiday apartment rental. You can opt for a holiday rental along the large beach, an ideal spot for surfing, especially for beginners. Opting for a rental at the large beach of Biarritz will also allow you to easily surf the Miramar or the Basque coast. Indeed, the surf spot on the Basque coast is very popular with surfers, an extraordinary setting, a splendid view and perfect waves await you. So you can also opt for a rental at the Côte des Basques to be a stone's throw from this emblematic spot. What better way to get up in the morning and watch the waves and swell from your balcony? Moreover, if you stay in an apartment or house in the centre of Biarritz a few minutes from these two beaches, you can easily go to your daily surfing session on foot or even by bike for the more adventurous.

Do you prefer the beaches further from the centre?

Biarritz has more than one trick in his bag. The surf spot of Marbella is located in the extension of the Basque coast, simply a little further from the centre. Mainly frequented by surfers and locals, it is accessible by a long series of steps, advice to the laziest! So if your accommodation is located on the Basque coast you can walk a little to reach this second spot, otherwise you can opt for a rental on site. If you decide to push a little further you can reach the spot of La Milady. Quite far from the Basque coast, it is preferable to opt for a holiday rental in the area to be close to this spot and Marbella. In any case, Biarritz is the ideal city to enjoy this very popular sport in the region. By choosing accommodation close to the beaches you will enjoy all the advantages of the seaside. Entertainment, surfing competitions, sunset, walks will punctuate your holidays in Biarritz. For a holiday in France under the sign of surfing you have understood it, it is the Basque Country that you must go. Biarritz welcomes you for a pleasant holiday, with many beaches and surf spots to enjoy the sea. Choose a holiday rental near the sea, so that you can walk to the beach. Thus, no more car hassles and parking problems, and there is no more time for relaxation, sports and rest!

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