Our tips for renting a property in a successful way

Renting a property can be a real headache. Between the tedious searches and the refusals of the owners, there are many who give up quickly. You can find in this article some useful tips that will help you succeed in your property rental project. If you are intersted in renting a flat, you can visit www.for-sale.com in order to have further information about properties for rent.

Rent a property: find the right neighborhood

It is important to analyze your future rental, but also the neighborhood in which it is located before making your choice. Make sure you find all the necessary facilities nearby, such as schools for your children, shops and public transport.

The budget: rent prices

Admittedly, an apartment or a house has seduced you. And back from a visit, you have only one idea in mind: you settle in this new home, but, it is the rent that is too expensive for your budget. Before you pack up, analyze your finances. Take the time to make the accounts and draw the deduction if you could assume your other expenses by paying such a sum.  

Rental file: not to be neglected

Fearful of possible unpaid debts, landlords often implement a rigorous selection procedure for their future tenant. Thus, the rental record must always be ready for every visit you make. Always carry the documents that the lessor is likely to claim, namely your last three payslips, your employment contract and your latest tax notice. These documents enable him to analyze your solvency by checking whether you are on a permanent contract or a fixed-term contract. Do not hesitate to refine your rental file by adding also your last rent receipts. Note that if the rent exceeds one third of your income, the owner-lessor is entitled to ask you the guarantee of a third person receiving higher income than you.  

The clauses of a lease

Some unscrupulous landlords can make you sign illegal clauses in leases. This situation is frequent, especially with private landlords. Stay on your guard and check each line of the contract before signing. Among the clauses denounced by the Unfair Terms Commission, mention is made of the automatic deduction of rent or the prohibition to house a person in your home. To avoid these abuses, the government has set up a new standard lease since 2015.

Signing the lease: do not pay anything before!

The owner-lessor may request the payment of the first rent and security deposit only upon signature of the lease. If he asks you to pay anything before, do not give in. It may be a scam. The law is firm on this.

The inventory

The inventory is a mandatory procedure when an owner decides to rent a property. It protects both the owner and the tenant. It makes it possible to note the possible damages already existing, before this last installs itself. If any degradation is revealed by the inventory, the landlord can not charge you at the time of your departure.

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