Why does holiday rental enjoy all this success?

Holiday rentals offer many advantages and profitable aspects that we suggest you discover in this article. They also comes with its own difficulties.

What is a holiday rental?

The seasonal rental is the fact of putting one’s home for rent, for a duration which varies from one night to several months, a necessarily furnished lodging. Historically, and in the minds of many people, seasonal rentals are vacation rentals. This is usually rented from Saturday to Saturday. It is most of the time in a tourist area, mainly the sea or the mountain. In recent years, seasonal rental (also called short term) has won the cities, with the concept of apart-hotels. Actors such as Booking, Airbnb and Abritel have democratized and popularized this mode of exploitation. Airbnb, for example, doubled its number of nights booked between 2015 and 2016, reaching 23.8 million nights. The principle is simple: you offer your accommodation to travelers who are passing through your city and need accommodation.

Seasonal rental: for whom?

Beyond a simple investment, the short-term rental is a real entrepreneurial adventure. It requires managing your investment as you run a business. Indeed, from the search for the good to the daily management, through the editing of the business plan and the permanent search for customers, you will have to carry out a real work of conductor and manager.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of seasonal rentals?

I want to warn you from the start: not everyone is made to embark on holiday rentals. Indeed, although this one offers many advantages, it also presents some constraints! The latter will be able to brake more than one. There is no miracle: to get explosive returns and triple your rents, it still requires to work more than in a conventional rental. But if you feel that you are able, I can only encourage you to start!

Seasonal hiring: in conclusion

Seasonal rentals (or short term) is a great cash machine! This one will allow you to obtain returns hardly imaginable in more traditional hiring. If you want to get into it and the few constraints listed above do not scare you, then I can only encourage you to get started. I assure you that you will not regret it! For those seeking tranquility and profitability, know that it is possible to do seasonal rentals and delegate work (in part or in full). I invite you to read my article on the short-term rental delegation.

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