Your Home Away from Home: Exploring Trendy Holiday Rentals

Your Home Away from Home

Renting your own holiday accommodation is something many people prefer as opposed to booking a hotel room in which they'll often have limited space. Depending on what sort of holiday you want, self-catering accommodation in numerous holiday rentals can be very appealing, especially if you have an extended family or a large party to find sufficient room for. According to one provider of holiday accommodation in the west of France,, British holidaymakers tend to prioritise the quality of their lodgings and are looking for things like WiFi, good parking, a balcony and mod cons like washing machines. Yes, some people like to filter or refine their searches for particular priorities, such as whether they can bring a pet or whether there is a private pool. Nevertheless, all of these factors tend to be ones that come up time and again when people look for suitable holiday rentals. There are other criteria which come and go and it is these ones that are, if anything, more fascinating. Why? Because they represent the trends that holidaymakers are most interested in today. What are the most in-vogue aspects of holiday-making for today's getaway adventurers?

Coastal Accommodation For a Holiday By the Sea

To begin with, a seaside holiday rental is something that is very fashionable at the moment. Although, in fairness, it should be said that seaside holidays have never been out of fashion, at least among families with younger children, this fact hasn't always been thoroughly reflected in the self-catering rental market. When families have tended to book seaside accommodation it has either been in a holiday park or a larger hotel in a resort. This trend is changing nowadays with more and more people looking for chic places to stay with a sea view that they can truly call their own. This is the case with both short-term, weekend lets in winter and longer, summer holiday breaks. These days, it isn't just resorts with beaches that people are after either. Anywhere that offers access to a coastal path or even a marina will be on-trend. For some, it is about enjoying the sea air and the change that it can bring to the sense of well-being while being on holiday that counts. So, coastal holiday rentals can take many forms, including dramatic clifftop accommodation and rentals in working fishing villages as well as the more traditional seaside resorts that have been popular for so long.

Holiday Accommodation With Activities Thrown In

Whether you are looking for a trendy seaside holiday rental or somewhere inland, what a lot of accommodation providers are doing these days is to including activities. In the past, you might have expected a few board games to keep you entertained on a rainy day but the fashion nowadays is to provide something more energetic and adventurous. One of the classic examples of this trend you'll find throughout the UK and Europe is for accommodation providers to offer free access to bicycles. Often stored for guests' use in a garage or shed, they mean being able to get out and about without the need to drive to different locations. In some places, you'll find the trend is even more pronounced with electric bikes, scooters and even Segways offered. Usually, you'll need to pay a bit more for your deposit to use this type of equipment but, essentially, they're priced into the rental fee. Depending on the location, you might also find rental accommodation that offers access to kayaking, rock climbing and, in some cases, tuition of some kind, such as cookery courses.

Longer-Term Holiday Lets

Another important trend in the self-catering rental market today is the rise of longer-term lets. Many people work from home nowadays so think that even a two-week break isn't enough for their summer getaway. If you can work from any location, then why not book an apartment for the summer? In other words, you could have your holiday in a new location where you'll be able to explore it in full but still do work for part your stay. This kind of hybrid holiday doesn't suit everyone but it is becoming increasingly popular, hence the demand for longer-term lets during June, July and August. Of course, not everyone can remote work and some people loathe the idea of working while away from home. That said, this sort of apartment for the summer-style break can work if you want to keep older kids happy while you get on with some tasks while still enjoying your free time to the maximum.

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