What are the best travel ideas and destinations for the 2019 summer?

If summer is coming to an end, we are already thinking about our next vacation! To help you find the destination of your dreams, we have selected five resorts that will be trendy in 2019. July and August, the flagship period of the school holidays, are the favorite months of the French to go on a trip. And 70% of them generally choose ... to stay in the Hexagon! Destinations in France, but also in Europe, Asia or America, here are the best places to go during the summer.

Europe: of course!

Near and sunny, southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia ...) is a great destination for those who do not fear the heat waves. Those who do not tolerate the high temperatures and do not especially spend their afternoons at the beach can try Scotland, Wales, Iceland or the Scandinavian countries (more expensive). Beautiful lights and large spaces guaranteed!

Asia under the showers

During the summer months, Asia is hit by the monsoon, which varies according to the country. Frequent travelers will tell you that you never know a destination if you have not seen it during this very special time of the year. However, if you plan to rest for 5 days on a beach, avoid this region of the world during the months of July and August. Some areas, which benefit from a particular micro-climate or geographical location, benefit from more stable weather. This is the case, for example, in Bali in Indonesia or in northern India (beyond Delhi, which is particularly stifling in the summer).

The Caribbean: the "low season"

Summer is often not considered a good time to visit the Caribbean. The truth is more nuanced. If indeed, the weather is less stable than in January or February, the temperatures remain high and the precipitation is manifested in the form of short-term morning showers. Cyclones are rare but they can happen. In this case, count three days of bad weather. Same thing for Mauritius. You will come across Mauritians wearing sweaters and winter clothes, but the weather is mild and springtime. Be careful however, some areas (Le Morne ...) are very windy and cool, especially in the evening.

North America: road-trip season

Canada and the United States remain a safe bet in the summer with some peculiarities according to the States and the Provinces. Florida, close to the Caribbean can be rainy. It's very hot in New York. Conversely, difficult to swim in the Pacific in California where the water does not exceed 15 degrees.

Southern hemisphere: it's winter

In South America and Australia: it's winter. Temperatures drop below 15 degrees in Buenos Aires, same thing in Santiago de Chile. In Australia, winter is more pronounced in the south while temperatures in Darwin can rise to 30 degrees.

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