Vacation rental: the rights and obligations of the owner

You own a property and you want to rent it in seasonal? Here is a reminder of what you need to know about your rights and obligations in terms of lease, tax, administrative authorization etc.  

Declare at the town hall your intention to rent in seasonal

Whatever the location of the property, it is strongly recommended to get closer to your town hall to inform the administration of your willingness to rent seasonal. Why? You will thus know the necessary steps and the necessary authorizations according to the geographical zone in which your property is located.  

Respect the maximum rental period

If you rent your main home in seasonal, you are required not to exceed 4 months of rent over a year. In addition, any seasonal rental must not exceed one season, or about 3 months, period beyond which you leave fact of the regulatory framework of the seasonal hiring.  

Perform the mandatory diagnoses

The owner of a holiday home must give his tenant the NREMT (state of mining and technological natural hazards). This diagnosis must be less than 6 months old at the time of rental. We advise you to attach it to the description that you will send to the prospective tenant or at the latest to give it to the holidaymaker at the signing of the lease  

Have your mandatory diagnostics done

Establish a written and comprehensive lease. Contrary to popular belief, a written lease is mandatory for seasonal leases as well as the provision of a descriptive statement of the premises. The contract must be in writing, signed by both parties, and contain the asking price for the period in question. It will be produced in as many copies as parts and duly signed by each of them. Finally, the said contract, without being as detailed as the description, must contain the following information: the precise identity of the parties (owner and lessee) the period and the rental period, the address of the property and its main characteristics ( the distances separating the accommodation from the sea, the means of transport nearby, or any other point of interest etc.)  

Provide a description of the property and its environment

It is highly advisable to provide the holidaymaker with a description of your house or apartment before he makes his reservation. This document must answer all the questions concerning the type of construction, situation of the property, a detailed description of the interior of the housing - for each room you will specify its general state, its equipment...

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