Top 8 activities to do at the beach

Are you going on vacation and you are going to spend a lot of your time basking on the beach? If you are hyper-active and are afraid of getting bored, we have listed 10 activities to enjoy every moment:


We always say that we do not have time to go to the pool between work, the subway and the dodo ... So it's time to perfect your crawl technique in warm water and in a natural setting ! Do not forget in his suitcase: swimming goggles and why not fins and snorkel!

Read a good book

Is not it wonderful to be carried away by a good novel, and to devour it without thinking of time? No more excuses "I do not have time to read", sit under the shade of a parasol or a tree, and spend captivating moments! Do not forget in his suitcase: the famous book ... See two or three! For reading ideas this summer, you can get inspired here!


It's still more fun to have the golden complexion than sallow ... But it's a real art: expose yourself to the good hours, with the right cream, apply it well ... Enjoy your moments at the beach to work the color of your skin, you will make your colleagues jealousy when you return to the office!

Get to know your neighbor (s)

On vacation, people have more time, they are more relaxed, more open to others ... It is therefore easier to form new friendly relationships (or even love). Look around you and do not hesitate to start the discussion with the most smiling ones!

Participate in a game of beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is the cool beach sport par excellence: team play that allows you to meet new people, to play sports while tanning ... Even if you do not have a good level, ask to play a game it's a collective game where the good mood is queen!

Look for seashells

Go hunting for the most beautiful seashells! Armed with a bucket, your children will be able to play the one who will find the most hidden treasures and when returning from the beach why not keep these shells to make jewels, picture frames, little characters ... A wonderful souvenir home made to bring back vacation.  

Building sandcastles

With only a shovel and a bucket, your children will be able to build the most beautiful sandcastles ever. They will be able to decorate it with envy with the shells picked up previously!  

Bury yourself in the sand

Digging a hole in the sand is already something that kids like a lot but burying themselves in with the head protruding is even more fun! In addition, so you'll have peace for a little while. But do not forget to help them out; we are not unworthy at this point!

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