Tips and tricks for budget summer holiday

The holidays cannot be improvised, they are expected! And to make the most of it, here is the guide for the perfect holidaymaker: from preparation to return home.

I take it in advance

We do not wait until the last minute to book a vacation. Choose your destination, plan the budget, find accommodation, book, it takes time! And the more we wait, the more rental prices are blazing: more reason not to hang around to look into the preparation of his stay. Getting six months in advance is reasonable, 3 months is still playable, but you can even start thinking about it as soon as you come back if you are planning.

I choose the right agency

The trip can go before you start! Some unscrupulous agencies disappear once the check is cashed. To avoid being fooled, gather all the clues that attest to the credibility of the agency (if the company really exists, if it is registered in the commercial register, etc.) and demand to sign a contract. To find out more: the article Book your trip: how to choose the right agency?  

I do not forget to have papers in order

We use them so often that it is when we need them that we realize that they are no longer valid: the papers must be up to date to travel. Identity card, passport if you are going abroad, insurance papers. Check them well in advance, as it usually takes a month to get new ones. To find out more: article Papers please: the steps to travel serenely.

I travel responsibly

We can travel very well while taking care of the environment. Ecological houses, organic hotels, so many solutions to choose a healthy accommodation, without paying more than usual! Specialized travel sites and travel agencies will help you travel differently. Learn more: the article Responsible tourism or how to eco-travel.

I opt for family activities

The holidays are an opportunity to finally be together and share moments with the family. The right time to try out activities that are out of the ordinary without spending a fortune. To find out more: lack of ideas? We have listed some of 5 unusual activities to do with family for less than 10 €.

I pay attention to unexpected expenses

This is the classic blow: on returning from vacation, we often realize that the budget initially planned has exploded. Whose fault is it ? To all the expenses we had not thought of that are added to the forecasts. To find out more: what should you count in your holiday budget? The answer with the false travel expenses: the unforeseen expenses that weigh down the budget.

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