The world’s best holiday destinations for beach lovers

When the sky, the sea, the sun, and the beach are at the rendezvous, the holidays are announced under their best auspices. Discover these heavenly destinations where you can relax away from the hassle of everyday life and enjoy life.

Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands

Despite their tiny size, the Cayman Islands are one of the richest countries in the world because of its world-renowned banking system. This country is also famous for its incredible beaches. The beach "Seven Mile Beach" is the jewel of these dream islands: it is a huge beach of fine sand that overlooks the warm and crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea ... Our advice: if you find that there is too much on this beach, you can find other beaches just as beautiful, but much quieter on the island of Little Cayman!  


Fiji is very popular with honeymooners and families. Indeed, this archipelago is composed of more than 300 islands, allowing everyone to make the most of this paradise destination. The Yasawa Islands, located off Viti Levu Island, are home to an incredible number of beaches overhung by hills covered with lush tropical vegetation.  

Peter Island - British Virgin Islands

Renowned for its secluded beaches, Peter Island is a private island that offers incredible scenery thanks to the moderate development of the island desired by its owner. Named twice as one of the best places for a dream vacation in the world by Conde Nast Traveler, there is only one hotel on the island with only 52 rooms : "Peter Island Resort". To make sure you have room, consider booking a hotel room as soon as possible.  

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lush tropical paradise located in Central America, surrounded on one side by the Caribbean Sea and on the other by the Pacific Ocean. This authentic country has preserved its natural beauty: 25% of the territory is protected as a natural park, a world record! Do not miss to admire the breathtaking black sand beaches amidst beautiful natural landscapes on your heavenly journey. Costa Rica has a little taste of coming back!  

Boracay - Philippines

Home to the incredible beach of "White Beach", Boracay has been considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world on many occasions. From parasailing to scuba diving, there are plenty of activities to do on this beautiful 7 km long beach! This dream island is a magical place for a change of scenery.

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