The top places and cities to visit during the summer in England

England is a country easily accessible when you live in Europe and yet, few people take the time to really discover it … To get away from London, a city certainly fascinating but that does not represent England in any her wealth.

York, the city with a hundred faces

York is the fortified city of the north of England where you can find both very old monuments with beautiful architecture and a festival dedicated to gastronomy and wine, not forgetting the courses of English beer, a popular university, factory outlets and so on! York was elected a few years ago more beautiful city of England and without affirming that it is the most beautiful, I can assure you that it is worth the detour.

Oxford … or Cambridge

This is a debate that always makes me think of the famous question: “Is Nantes part of Brittany? This is the kind of interrogation that divides … and when it comes to choosing between Oxford and Cambridge, you will have votes in both camps! These two cities are rather easy to reach from London: Oxford is only an hour’s train ride from Paddington Station in London and can be visited on foot; Cambridge can also be visited without a car and is 50 minutes from King’s Cross Station in London.