The main ingredients to become a master in seasonal rentals!

Published on : 15 February 20193 min reading time

Everyone agrees that the short-term rental offers pretty good returns. The counterpart is that the management is heavier than a conventional rental and is for many a brake.

Before knowing what can be delegated to seasonal rentals, I suggest you list all the tasks inherent in this activity and detail the content of each of them.

Creation of the ad

It is imperative to be the most accurate in the description of your vacation rental.

For this, as mentioned in several articles, I invite you to give the maximum of information on:

Housing and its configuration

The building

The localisation

Nearby public transport

The essential visits


You are the most able to make this description.

For photos, I advise you to call a photographer who will make better quality photos and “more sellers”.

Airbnb even offers this service for free.

Otherwise, this service will cost about 100 euros. But the return on investment will be very fast: 2 nights will be enough 🙂

Rental management

This is the daily life of any lessor in short term rental.

This management remains, generally, the responsibility of the owner of the housing.

It consists of :

Respond to requests for availability

Provide clarification to customers who have questions

Update the availability calendar

Draft leases

Cash in the reservation (debit the bank cards)

Make payment reminders

Send thank-you emails after departure

Write comments post location to feed the various communities (airbnb, abritel, housetrip …)

Etc …


It is about the delivery of the keys which makes it possible to:

Welcome the traveler

Show the accommodation

Deliver last-minute information: tips, restaurants …

Show the functioning of TV and internet

Have the rental contract signed

Proceed to the payment of the stay if this has not been done beforehand

Proceed with the inventory

Etc …


This is the exit of places:

Check the condition of the accommodation

Recover the keys

Ask if the stay went well

Invite travelers to leave a comment on the site that allowed them to book. This is to increase the social proof of renting


Certainly the least sexy task of short-term rental, but one of the most important. Everything must be impeccable:

Clean all parts

Change bed linen

Change bath towels

Fill consumables as needed: drinks, snacks, soap dispensers, shower gel, toilet paper …

 Laundry management

It is then necessary to clean the laundry room (sheets, towels, tea towels …)

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