Our list of the best destinations to spend your winter in the sun

Fly to one of these destinations that will promise you sun, beaches, water activities and green palm trees!

Tenerife, Spain

The largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago, Tenerife is located on the west coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. Equipped with several resorts, it offers all kinds of landscapes, ranging from lava fields to white sandy beaches, through green banana plantations.

Turks and Caicos Islands

The "Turks and Caicos Islands" are an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, located in the Caribbean, north-east of Cuba. Made up of marshes and mangroves, the 30 islands of the region are characterized by their limestone soil, their strong sunshine and their innumerable dive sites.

Armação dos Búzios, Brazil

Located 170 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, Búzios is one of the leading destinations of the Brazilian coast due to its paradisiacal beaches, its restaurants overlooking the horizon and its many "pousadas" (typical hotel). An old fishing town that is now an enchanting place!

Aruba, Netherlands

This Dutch Caribbean island, located off the coast of Venezuela, is the perfect destination for water sports lovers like diving, kite surfing, sailing or deep sea fishing. Its capital, Oranjestad, enjoys sunshine 340 days a year.

Green cap

This island state of West Africa, also called Cabo Verde (in Portuguese), is an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands whose landscapes vary a lot, from deserted beaches to lush valleys. You will find a wild beauty in addition to a particularly pleasant temperature.

Maui, United States

Hawaii's second largest island in the archipelago, Maui is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and sun-worshipers. Sometimes fields of sugar cane, sometimes beaches for surfing, the landscapes of this island are diversified and magnificent.


The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is rich in architecture, culture and landscapes of lagoons, cliffs and sunsets on the white sandy beaches. You cannot go without tasting jerk food or attending a reggae show!

Roatán, Honduras

Located in the Caribbean Sea, this island is a true underwater paradise for divers and snorkelers. Diving spots abound, as are endless beaches and lush nature.

Goa, India

Located on the southwest coast of India, the state of Goa is a former Portuguese colony with a tropical climate. A true paradise of white sand, set with green rice fields and palm trees!

Curacao, Netherlands

Located in the Lesser Antilles, this autonomous state of the Netherlands is located north of the coast of Venezuela. A rather flat and barren island, Curacao offers beaches and lagoons on one side and wild and rocky nature on the other.

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