Why you should invest in a seasonal rental home?

Investors call it the "little Eldorado"! The seasonal rentals are rather forgotten, but their surprising yields! So what is it? Is it really interesting to embark on seasonal rental investment? What are the points not to neglect to succeed in your investment project? Answer to follow!

Seasonal rental

The seasonal rental is as its name suggests limited to the season! Rent for one week, two weeks, one month and up to 6 months. The seasonal renting is however prohibited in the city of Paris by decision of the town hall. The property put in seasonal hiring must be furnished and present the necessary comfort to the future tenants that they are vacationers, trainees, professionals in displacement, etc. On average, renting for only 15 weeks a year can already earn you more than a standard property investment. However the seasonal hiring is rather time-consuming, ideally, the owner should accommodate at the beginning of the stay the holiday makers and make sure at the end of the stay that the good was left in good state and that it is able to receive the next tenants.

Seasonal rental investment, is it profitable?

Seasonal rental is a growing market and does not seem ready to fade for the moment! Holidaymakers seem to be moving away from more and more hotels to more alternative accommodation modes, and among them, seasonal rentals. So investing in a seasonal rental seems to be indeed a small Eldorado for investors. The average yields observed for conventional real estate investments are of the order of 4 to 7%, whereas when investing in seasonal rental properties, we often see higher rates of return that can double the rates for conventional ones. To reach these rates, it will of course be necessary to find its tenants!

Seasonal rental investment, tips!

It is a recommended investment and I strongly advise. Many people have invested quickly and have not stopped at one good because it is largely possible to live. A friend bought in 2002 a 32m2 apartment in the 8th and instead of selling and buying bigger, he decided to rent a bigger apartment and to rent in the week furnished to benefit tourists visiting the capital. This largely reimburses her rental and leads to additional income. Just pay attention to the sometimes astronomical fees charged by specialized agencies.

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