Tips and tricks for renting a family vacation home

For many people, the word "vacation" means staying at a hotel and it's true that in many ways life is quite easy at the hotel. But when traveling with kids, it's definitely worth considering renting a house. Why? Here are some good reasons that, perhaps, we will review the way we travel.

Seasonal rental: what the law says

Seasonal rental is when a landlord rents a furnished apartment for short periods of time (from a few days to a few weeks). The seasonal rental may concern a secondary residence belonging to the owner but also his main residence, made available for specific periods.

Housing obligations

The quality of seasonal hiring is accompanied by certain obligations to the load of the owner concerning the lodging made available.

Furnished accommodation

A seasonal rental must imperatively be furnished. One understands by lodging furnished a housing which has the minimum equipment to stay there in conditions of normal comfort (bed, table, chairs, crockery, refrigerator).

A lease agreement in good and due form

The seasonal rental does not escape the conclusion of a lease of lease including all legal notices related to leases. Good to know: in case of hiring via a website, the terms of the lease are predefined and accepted by the validation of the general conditions of sale.

An insurance

When a landlord decides to allocate his unit to seasonal lettings, he is strongly advised to check that his homeowners' insurance policy covers the damages possibly generated by tenants.

Airbnb: a platform almost for free

To go abroad for a weekend, a week or a month, or stay in the Hexagon at attractive rates taking advantage of a tailor-made offer: Airbnb is the solution. Registration on the site Airbnb, 100% free, is very fast and easy. The navigation on the site is just as simple. Just enter the desired destination and period, the number of travelers and the site gives direct access on a map, accessible accommodations, with all the details. From the room at the inhabitant, the studio for a young couple, through the apartment or the house for a family ... the offer is as diversified as the expectations can be. From the landlord's point of view, renting your home via Airbnb allows you to formalize the lease through a formal contract, the possibility to ask a deposit, the transmission of an invoice, etc. to secure the relationship between the parties.

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