How to nail the price of your vacation rental?

How much can you rent your house during the holidays? What are the criteria for fixing your rent as accurately as possible? By the sea or in the countryside, mansion or mobile home, high season or off season ... prices may vary from single to double.

The accommodation’s location

This is a decisive criterion for the price. It goes without saying that properties located in popular tourist areas are more expensive than others.

The immediate environment of your home

Sea, pebble beaches or fine sand, mountain, lake, rivers, tourist towns nearby ... what is around your house or apartment has an impact on the amount of your rent.

The type of accommodation

Whether you rent a mansion, a pavilion of the 80s, a cottage, a mobile home, or a villa, the rent will be very variable. The intrinsic characteristics of the construction of your property influence its price in a remarkable way.

The rental period

You will not rent the same price a cottage in winter and summer. It is the same for a house by the sea which will naturally rent more expensive in July and August. The environment of a holiday home takes indeed all its value in season high, snow for the apartments with the mountain and summer period for the houses of seaside. Note also that certain prices can also rise during festivals !

For your information:

Very high season for the winter holidays: February Very high season for the summer holidays: July 20 / August 20 Outside of these very busy periods, we advise you to adapt your prices and apply promotions.

The home capacity

A house with a large capacity (more than 8 beds) can be rented relatively expensive to the extent that it is likely that it will be rented by several families who share the costs. However, for intermediate housing that can accommodate between 4 and 6 people, often rented by a single family providing only the rental fee, it will be necessary to remain reasonable on rates.

The "pluses" that boost the rental value of your property.

A swimming pool, a large garden, a breathtaking view of the sea, proximity to a natural park or a particularly popular beach, value your property and can increase the price of your rental significantly. For example: A house that can accommodate 8 people will cost around 1,500 euros per week in high season if it does not have a private pool....With a swimming pool, an equivalent house will easily rent for 1.000 euros or more.

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