Holiday by the beach, why?

Feel the sea breeze caressing your face. Feel the iodine that tickles your nose as you hear the cry of seagulls flying away... Beach holidays have therapeutic properties and allow us to see things differently.

Mental well-being

Reflecting on the edge of the water nourishes the soul. Losing your gaze in the immensity of the ocean, often called "blue space" by psychologists, soothes the mind. If, while sitting in the ocean, you have already experienced the sensation that your problems are vanishing in favor of a feeling of inner peace, know that you are alone in this case. We are biologically programmed to experience this beach experience.

Fresh air

Most of us work in an office under fluorescent lighting. At least half of us never leave their office for lunch. Do the math, you'll see, it's pretty scary. This represents a lot of time without fresh air. If this is your case, you have a physical need for the smell of salt, the cool breeze and the sun that brings you a beach vacation.

Coastal cities and island populations

If you've ever had the chance to visit a seaside town, you know what I'm talking about. Everyone wanders in shorts and tank tops and enjoys beach vacations, shell jewelry around their necks and straw hats on their heads. A smile on the face and a beer in hand are in order, and there is always live music and succulent dishes. Our responsibilities, even those we love, can very easily complicate our lives. Relax! Life is simple. Let the inhabitants of an island remind you.

Explore the ocean

Diving, surfing and jet skiing, I could stop there, but I will not do it. Our ocean is a vast playground for great beach activities. Whether you're on a romantic Caribbean cruise with your partner, or on a family vacation, water adventures appeal to everyone. The ocean is not only synonymous with tanning, reading and napping (although these are also excellent reasons to go there).

Rest and relaxation

Most people would say that the beach pumps you all your energy, but I would say on the contrary that it offers you total relaxation. A good shower on the way back from the beach, and I'm almost already asleep before my head hit the pillow. What a delight. This feeling of pure relaxation gives a new meaning to our life and brings order to our mind.

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