We make you discover the principles of the trip in Scotland! You will find in this article everything you will need to organize a successful stay in the land of bagpipes. Scotland, you can discover as a group, organized trip or individual trip according to your tastes. Personally, I am not a fan of group travel. We put you in a bus and you are shown at the run “all there is to see in the region.” For me Scotland, you have to discover at your own pace and stop en route to admire the landscape or the sunset. We do not race.

When to travel to Scotland

Almost all the time except in summer. All seasons are beautiful in Scotland: spring, autumn, winter. Each season has its charm, its landscapes and its events. I do not recommend visiting Scotland in the summer. There are people, the prices are higher, the midges (small mosquitoes) are ferocious and moreover, it is not necessarily beautiful. By cons, I recommend May, June and September for a weather that will certainly be lenient (or not, I’m not my weather anyway!).


Several choices are available depending on your means (and also your destination):



They are more numerous in the cities and of more varied range. Do not look for a chain hotel in the Highlands (Accor will not be your best friend in this area). You will only find small independent hotels. Generally their cost is higher than all other forms of accommodation. It takes £ 90 to find a room that is comfortable. There are many small charming hotels all over Scotland, choosing well, you can find yourself in the Scotland of your dreams!

B & Bs

They are economical and comfortable. The principle of this accommodation is simple, you stay in a large house (usually) where the resident receives you. I assure you, their privacy and yours are well guarded. Part of the house is reserved for the client and the rest for the inhabitant. There is no meal available (most often) other than homemade breakfast. We had the experience of some very nice B & Bs such as the Isle of Mull, the Staffa House (full organic and homemade breakfast).


This is another solution that is available almost everywhere in Scotland even in the most unlikely places. If you stay several days at one place, it can be interesting and enjoyable to rent a house in the middle of nowhere! In Edinburgh, this reduces costs (less food and accommodation prices if you rent an apartment!).

Scotland Travel Guides

Among the travel guides, you can find all the classics like the backpacker, the green guide, Lonely Planet Scotland, The Rough Guide … There are some more interesting guides in English like the Nothing to see here (things off the trail beaten). If you are looking for the most interesting guides, I have prepared a selection that I update regularly.